Top 10 Soul Singers You Need to Know

Wilson Pickett contributed significantly to legitimizing soul music as an art form. His stunning vocal range and 50 chart-topping hits brought his name into prominence among black artists.

Patti LaBelle is known for her distinctive, powerful, and mellifluous voice that often has people confused as being black even though she is Caucasian. An iconic singer in her own right. If you want to download 320kbps high-quality Patti LaBelle song then you must visit Mp3 Juice.

1. Tina Turner

Turner became one of the greatest soul singers ever with her groundbreaking 1984 album Private Dancer and its legendary single What’s Love Got to Do With It?. Prior to this, her singing career started singing gospel with her family choir in St Louis before joining Ike and Tina Turner Revue in late 50s. Since then her voice became internationally acclaimed after 1984 single What’s Love Got to Do With It? was released.

Otis Redding (1941-1967) was an influential soul singer-songwriter whose dynamic performances helped define the genre. He gained worldwide acclaim with timeless classics such as (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay before tragically dying in a plane crash.

Irma Thomas was an extraordinary baritone tenor who shared Aretha Franklin’s musical background. Known for her romantic ballads and powerful performances in stadiums all around the world, Thomas also composed many of her own songs.

2. Bettye Swann

Soul singers possess the power to move listeners with their emotive music and inspire positive change in people’s lives and beyond. Here is a list of some of the legendary soul singers who have left an impactful mark both musically and globally.

Bettye Swann should have been one of the biggest names in soul music, yet that was never to be. After scoring some minor hits in the mid-1970s, her career began its downward spiral until 2013 when she made an appearance at Cleethorpes Soul Weekender and performed “Kiss My Love Goodbye,” taken from 1975’s All The Way In or All The Way Out/Doing For The One I Love and stripped of its characteristic robust and rowdy horn backing that would normally accompany its final release version.

3. Baby Rose

Jasmine Rose Wilson, popularly known by her stage name Baby Rose, sings and sways her voice like it comes from another time and place. Her psychedelic soul album Through and Through captures the dissolving non-existence of lost futures–crushes which never become relationships, loves that vanish without trace before they ever really got going.

Baby Rose stands apart, an extraordinary new talent drawn to Black soul singers like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday as an influence. In 2019, she released her debut album To Myself, performed for NPR Tiny Desk sessions, and her song ‘Show You’ was featured prominently on HBO’s Insecure season four!

Wilson Pickett became one of the pioneers in R&B and pop music with infectious hits like “The Preacherman” in the early 60s, quickly becoming known as the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and inspiring artists for over four decades.

4. Kyle Dion

Soul music represents African American community’s charisma and pride through handclaps and straining vocals. Originating in the middle of the 20th century, its influence can still be heard today through genres such as R&B and funk; its essence remains unaltered.

Kyle Dion, known for his smooth R&B tunes like Painting Sounds and Suga (2019 debut album) has quickly established an immense social media following since debuting in 2016. After signing with artist-friendly label AWAL and releasing his sophomore set ‘Sassy’ 2021. Born 4-11-1994 with life path number 11, this 411 born singer can connect to emotions with ease while singing his melodies passionately without restraints or limitations.

5. Leven Kali

Born and raised in Southern California, Leven Kali’s music is an intoxicating blend of old and new. His distinct sound connects multiple generations as well as genres like soul, R&B, and hip-hop music. Leven has collaborated with both established names (like Ty Dolla $ign or Syd from The Internet) as well as rising stars such as Buddy Topaz Jones or Maeta who are making waves within their industries.

His 2020 album HIGHTIDE continues his musical explorations with songs such as “Do U Wrong,” featuring Syd. This track revisits classic R&B without coming across as outdated thanks to Syd’s distinctive voice; plus G-funk bass lines perfect for coast cruising in Southern California with someone special – clearly making this artist one to keep your eye on!

6. Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox and Baby Rose are two of today’s premier soul singers, known for their captivating vocalists that deliver captivating soul music with contemporary R&B influences.

Lennox delighted audiences at the 2021 Soul Train Awards when she performed her R&B radio single, “Waste My Time,” from her sophomore album Age/Sex/Location.

Dreamville Records singer Summer Walker showed her signature lively sound while wearing a bedazzled cami silver dress, making an impactful first impression at her performance. Summer Walker is well known for sharing relatable storytelling about experiences like love and loss that makes both stand out amongst competitors in this competitive industry.


KIRBY stands out as an exceptional soul singer with his deep rasp and bassy baritone that can soothe with its weight or spark passion with its intensity. He serves as an impressive example of how soulful singers can reach the top of music charts.

James Brown began his career as a gospel singer before evolving into one of the great soul artists ever. His love ballads and activism songs like A Change is Gonna Come continue to inspire civil rights movements to this day.

8. Maxwell

Maxwell hails from New York City and started out performing on the club circuit, saving up his tips to record demos. Over time he became more comfortable performing for audiences.

Urban Hang Suite, his debut album, earned him comparisons to iconic soul singers Marvin Gaye and Prince. Embrya was equally well received and introduced him to a wider audience.

Maxwell released his third album BLACKsummers’night in 2009 and featured the hit single Pretty Wings which garnered him an award at the BET Awards. Although currently single, Maxwell has experienced various romantic relationships over time; he remains committed to improving his community through music and activism and recently collaborated with a charity to aid children who are incarcerated.

9. Otis Redding

Soul music is an eclectic style fusing gospel, R&B and jazz genres together into an unparalleled sound that originated within African-American culture and gave voice to the Civil Rights movement. Some hallmarks of soul music include handclaps, straining voices, improvisation and handclaps.

Redding is widely considered one of the greatest soul singers. His strong, sensitive voice allowed him to croon tender lyrics over fast beats – as well as serve as an expert interpreter of ballads.

Though his career was short-lived, many still hold him dearly in memory. His song (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay remains an emotional reminder of human dignity; unfortunately his early death at age 26 due to a plane crash left behind an indelible mark – his iconic voice inspired Aretha Franklin’s legendary rendition.

10. Al Green

Al Green was an underrated soul singer renowned for his distinctive voice and deeply religious conviction. Born in Forrest City, Arkansas and raised singing gospel music with his family before venturing into secular music production; though initially successful with commercial albums released after cutting his secular career to focus on religion. Ultimately he left secular music altogether to pursue ministry duties instead.

James Brown was one of the most iconic musicians of all time. His powerful vocals and socially conscious songs provided fuel to the civil rights movement as well as inspiring musicians across genres. Also notable is Chaka Khan whose diverse musical exploration has garnered her numerous awards as well as a dedicated following – with her songs having had an effect across multiple genres.

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