You have just purchased a new sofa or want to restyle your sofa. The decorative cushions are, of course, essential. With lovely cushions, you can change your living room at a glance to look like it’s in your favorite home magazine. Who doesn’t want this? You probably also wonder: how many decorative cushions on a sofa look best?

You may want to restyle your entire living room, or you have a different color on the wall and are looking for cushions in this color. For example, you can choose pillows in one color, such as blue. You can, of course, choose different motifs and prints, but you can also keep it all plain. Whatever your reason, with the tips from this blog, you will feel like a natural interior stylist. And at Ookinhetpaars, we have something for everyone. So read on quickly!

How many seats does your sofa have?

This is an indication of the number of pillows!

If you like large cushions, you can use the following rule of thumb in terms of number: the number of seats + one. So if you have a large sofa with, for example, four seats, then five large cushions are a good starting point. The same applies to smaller sofa cushions with two seats, then three large decorative pillows look nice. Of course, what is large also depends on your preference and starting point, but you can probably make an estimate yourself. If you prefer small pillows, you can add more, but of course, it has to be comfortable, and you don’t want to drown in them. You have decorative cushions in various price categories, but quality is more important than quantity. Putting money aside for a few luxurious and durable pillows is better. How about our super light velvet cushions? The cushions from Ookinhetpaar are doubly sustainable: sustainably produced and sustainable because they last a long time.

What size pillow?

That depends on the size of your sofa.

There are pillows in all shapes and sizes. The size of the cushions mainly determines the number of cushions you can put on a sofa or bed. So, the larger the sofa, the larger the cushions can be. And vice versa, the smaller the sofa, the smaller the cushions. But which size cushion fits best with which size sofa? We are happy to explain that to you. The standard size of decorative cushions for a three-seater sofa is 50×50 cm. This size cushion is, therefore, a good starting point if you have a three-person sofa. Cushions of 45×45 cm are perfect on a two-seater. Both formats are square. We also have more giant square cushions of 60×60 cm in our range. These cushions look great on a giant sofa.

Rectangular cushions look great on a large lounge sofa, for example, cushions in the size 70×50 cm. Do you like rectangular cushions but don’t have such a large sofa? The cushions of

50×30 cm is a nice alternative. Our rectangular cushions of 70×40 cm look good on the bed at the head end.

The above guidelines are tips for creating a playful but calm whole, but of course, this does not mean that you cannot choose other sizes of decorative cushions!

Decorative cushions in all shapes and sizes

You can mix and match decorative pillows in different ways. This can be in terms of size and color but also in terms of shape. Of course, there are square or rectangular cushions. But you can also alternate these with round cushions. Round decorative cushions fit on every sofa. Of course, again, depending on the size of your sofa and the cushions themselves, it will look nice. Go wild with the shapes of cushions and see which combination you like best. Make sure you place the more giant cushions at the back so the small ones are still visible. This also creates more depth. Several pillows from the Danish brand Bungalow have lovely fringes, giving you a playful effect on the couch. You can alternate the plain cushions of this brand with the cushions with motifs. This way, it remains a beating whole.

Go wild with motifs and fabrics!

There are pillows in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. The advantage is that there is plenty of choice, which is also a disadvantage. Because how do you choose a nice set? We have a trick for this! You can mix different motifs with one solid color, such as stripes, flowers, and dots. To do this:

  1. Look for models with a corresponding color. The motifs can, therefore, be very different; the standard color will provide unity.
  2. Preferably, go for one color and choose a maximum of two.
  3. Make sure all these pillows have this standard color or can easily be combined.

You can also combine cushions with prints with plain cushions of the same color.

With these tips, we hope you can combine endlessly with lovely decorative cushions to get a beautifully styled sofa!

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