Best Tips to Save Samsung Phones From Scratches

If you’re like us, it’s an easy assumption to are using your smartphone frequently. From calling and texting to snapping pictures or browsing on the internet it’s likely that you’ll always reach to your smartphone. If we’re truthful, the constant use of our phones isn’t the most ideal choice for our phones. We tend to bring our phones around in our pockets, leaving them lying on chairs and tables at public spaces or packed into our pockets when we travel.

This kind of wear and tear, not just can affect the look of the phone, but may create scratches that show up as time passes. In addition there is a constant feeling that we find ourselves with the soiled phones in comparison to people within our circles of friends. If you’re constantly stricken by an endless series of scrapes and scratches on your Samsung smartphone – or in the event that you simply wish to make sure your device is like new, Here are a few tips that will help you avoid scratches from causing damage to the outside finish of your phone:

Opt to purchase a case that has inserts made of rubber

If you find that your smartphone is constantly getting damaged, it’s probably because you’re using an enclosure. Many people are concerned the use of cases and the mobile skin template make it difficult to use their devices, they can aid in preventing the damage caused by creating a wall between your phone and the surface. It can greatly reduce the chance of being damaged by tiny scratch marks. The material that covers the phone is less likely to wear down from daily usage, it will remain in good condition for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the majority of cases have an integrated screen protector that can be used for which further protects your Samsung phone from scrapes and scratch marks.

Make use of a microfiber fabric and toothpaste

This might sound strange, but we’ve discovered that gently rubbing your phone using a cloth made of microfiber dipped into toothpaste (make sure that the toothpaste you use is safe for use) will help prevent the possibility of damage. The toothpaste helps remove fingerprints and oils from the surface of your phone, and the fabric gently removes scratches. We’ve observed that this technique is particularly effective in the event that you repeat it often. The combination of toothpaste and cloth is also effective in removing dust from the phone’s surface. This means you won’t need to be worried about causing damage to the finish of your smartphone when taking it to clean or take it out for a walk.

Be careful when you remove your mobile from the bag

The majority of damages to Samsung phones ‘ skin template is due to removing your phone from the bag and putting it on the floor. If your purse or bag frequently has scratches or scuffs on the surface, don’t take your device out of the bag until you’ve clean the area. Also, when you take the phone from its bag, be sure to ensure that you don’t accidentally drop it, or put the phone lying on its side.

Be careful not to place the screen of your Samsung phone directly onto surfaces

One of the most effective ways to avoid the damage that can be done to the screen of your Samsung phone is by not using it in direct contact with the floor. It may be an ideal idea to set the phone on its side at the top of your table when you’re eating lunch, you should try to steer clear of doing the situation. Place a phone with moving electronics on a flat surface could result in tiny scratches appearing on the exterior of the phone that will only get worse when you let them sit. Keep your Samsung phone clean, dry and free of flat surfaces, you will drastically reduce the possibility of causing damage.


Samsung phones are among the most reliable devices in the marketplace. However, they are also susceptible to becoming scratched, scratched and scratched often. If you’d like to maintain you Samsung phone looking good as it was when you first got it, adhere to these steps and you’ll be in the process of protecting your phone. It’s not a secret that to you that keeping your Samsung phone free of scratches isn’t so easy as it seems. However, it’s achievable. If you follow the correct strategies and tips there is a way to ensure that your gadget is scratch-free. By doing a bit of preparation, you can prepare your phone before you leave for your trip. It is possible to prevent your smartphone from scratching and scratching.

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